DoinGud and The Giving Block are partnering to supercharge the onboarding of Social Impact Organizations on the NFT Marketplace in which every transaction does good. Creators and collectors seamlessly contribute to the greater good while participating in a digital-art marketplace powered by the finest technological breakthrough of the decentralized movement.

“This partnership with The Giving Block is boosting the onboarding of many Social Impact Organizations on DoinGud’s altruistic NFT Marketplace. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with the team at TGB” — Nikoline Arns, Founder at DoinGud

Making The World A Better Place With Web3, NFTs And SIOs

Bitcoin is the tree that hides the forest. The decentralized movement has expanded way beyond money and the legacy naming “cryptocurrency” shows how limited our perception was when it all started.

Crypto assets are much more powerful than currencies. Their abilities are only limited by our creativity and the technological performances of the underlying blockchains.

A new parent class of crypto asset is rising: non fungible tokens aka NFTs. They represent the ownership of anything unique, whether it is in the digital realm or in the real world. If you own the wallet where the NFT is, then you own the represented asset. It’s that simple. And just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets: no-one can take it from you, no government, no hacker - no one.

“We are delighted to work together with DoinGud and to help it pioneer a blockchain-powered marketplace where donating is built in from day 1 in the DNA of the platform itself” — Alex Wilson, Co-Founder at The Giving Block

NFTs are rising fast and the dollar-value sold every day across the world has risen tremendously, reaching over $100 million in January 2021 alone. At DoinGud, we’d love to see a percentage of every such transaction go to social impact organizations, so we are building the platform to empower this.

The Giving Block blog on “how to use NFTs to Donate Cryptocurrency to Charity” — source

The Giving Block is helping us by plugging us with the hundreds of organizations that were already onboarded on their crypto donation platform. Connecting our donors to amazing people doing good all over the planet.

About The Giving Block

Founded in 2018, The Giving Block helps non-profits to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto finance. It makes accepting Bitcoin and other crypto donations easy for nonprofits.

When using the platform donors can remain anonymous and the crypto automatically gets converted into dollars so the beneficiaries receive fiat that can be invested in impact initiative right away.

Pomp sharing a campaign benefiting the American Association of Suicide Prevention powered by The Giving Block used — source

Donors have more than 300 recipient organizations to choose from through the platform.

In the last year (2020), we’ve seen The Giving Block’s charity list grow 600%, with charities around the world finally embracing the crypto community as a donor demographic worth pursuing — source

More than a platform, The Giving Block helps non-profits to connect with donors of the cryptocurrency community. Helping organizations to diversify their donation streams and increase their audience.

The Giving Block and its slogan “Donate more, pay less taxes” talks to crypto donors who want to optimize their tax with donations, especially in higher taxes jurisdictions. Indeed, the IRS treats cryptocurrency donations to 501(c)s or other tax-exempt nonprofits as tax deductible.

👉 Find out more about The Giving Block: website, blog, twitter, Linkedin.

About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We pride ourselves on accessibility and sustainability, providing next-gen Web3 tools to empower our community to create, curate, collaborate, and connect with one another in the digital space.

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing journey with us.

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Article written by Adrien Berthou