Do you like riddles and NFTs? Do you love the world and everyone on it? And will you be at ETHBarcelona?!

Perfect, we've got something just for you.

The DoGud Scavenger Hunt is a competition where you collect NFTs to create a better world. By collecting them all, you have the chance to win amazing DoinGud Swag and IRL experiences in Barcelona!

This is how: Throughout ETHBarcelona, we've hidden QR-codes which when scanned will give you a beautiful NFT for you to keep. You'll have to find the whole collection to get the top prize! But don't worry - there are some great clues around! And even if you just collect a couple, there are nice things to be won too! The QR-codes are spread out over the exhibition area, for you to find as you're naturally moving around the event's different areas.

And best of all: there are some extra-special mega-rare NFTs that can only be collected by the first 9 people who complete the full challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our booth or website to start playing.

Gotta catch them all!