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Announcing DoinGud Global Community Leaders

In our aim to empower creators worldwide, DoinGud has launched the Community Leader Program starting with six community leaders around the globe: Eugenie Drion, Thomas Mujica, Cody Edison, Violeta Valcheva, Jose Rosero and Kabochi Gitau.

Adrien Berthou

#️⃣GivingAMOR Campaign

Introducing #GivingAMOR, a campaign inspiring creation and giving back! All participants will receive @DoinGudHQ **Genesis NFT Pack** and earning additional points will unlock **MASSIVE** surprises!

DoinGud Official

What if...

A thoughtful reflection by Nikoline Arns, DoinGud's co-founder, on what the DoinGud platform and its community really mean for artists, social impact organizations, and the future of humanity.

Nikoline Arns

Hello World!

A welcome message from DoinGud's founder Manuel Alzuru about hope for creators, humans and the world.

DoinGud Official
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