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"We're excited to see the outpouring of support from the NFT community to donate crypto. We're seeing more and more creators dedicate a portion of their NFT proceeds towards their favorite charitable causes. Not only are they doing good, but they're also teaching non-profits about crypto and NFTs in the process. We can't wait to see the impact that DoinGud has on the charitable sector!" Alex Wilson, Co-Founder at The Giving Block

Join the exploding phenomenon of digital art monetization and take advantage of a unique way to engage with an audience ready and willing to support your common cause.

What is DoinGud?

DoinGud is a platform where curated creators of multiple disciplines can sell their art (digital, physical, or a combination of both), connect with their fans and collectors, and at the same time give between 5 and 95% of their proceeds to the social impact organization(s) (SIOs) of their choice.

It is a social platform fully focused on redefining the act of doing good by empowering individuals, creators and organizations to support one another and become self-owned, self-sustained and self-governed.

The creations (digital art, graphic audiovisual music, and more) sold through the marketplace are associated with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which leverage blockchain technology to uniquely identify digital items and demonstrate ownership. As such, creators will have traceability of their works to earn transparent royalties immediately and into the future. Additionally, collectors will be able to unequivocally prove the validity and origin of their collections.

The DoinGud Advantage

Unlike similar marketplaces, DoinGud offers full end-to-end transparency in the transaction process, showing all members of the community the sales price as well as the allocation of the proceeds across the parties, i.e. seller, social impact organization and DoinGud.

DoinGud is also the social platform where creators can fully engage with their patrons, supporters and preferred nonprofits, with options for conversation, reading and responding to comments made about their artwork, and rewarding their fans with digital goods. This is a community where ideas are exchanged, feedback is provided in real time and collaboration with other members is facilitated.

The Cryptocurrency and NFT Boom

DoinGud's mission is to help each person and organization become more self-owned, self-governed, and self-sustained. The DoinGud marketplace intends to be a significant contributor to that self-sufficiency for each participating social impact organization.

Opening up to a variety of funding options will increase the independence of social impact organizations, allowing you to spend less time and energy identifying and completing lengthy grant applications, and more time focusing on your mission. We are building the DoinGud platform because we genuinely believe SIOs and creators can accelerate their common impact by using a new way of funding, now made possible by crypto currencies.

According to The Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study, there are 101 million unique crypto users in 2020 compared to the 35 million users in 2018, an 189% increase, with a BitFly study reporting that the majority of those users are millennials.

The millennial donor pool is a blossoming opportunity for those in the charity sector who are willing to take advantage. One of the payment methods loved by millennials called Cash App reported $875 million of bitcoin revenue and $17 million of bitcoin gross profit during the second quarter of 2020, up 600% and 711% year over year, respectively, The Giving Block reports.

The younger generations show a strong proclivity towards crypto and generally, are giving earlier in life than previous generations. In fact, 43% of millennials trust cryptocurrency exchanges more than stock exchanges, according to a recent eToro survey, and, when inclined to give, they tend to favor nonprofits that accept cryptocurrencies. Why? Because the very nature of the blockchain technology gives them a clear and direct view into the giving transaction, ensuring that the value goes where they intended.

Despite the rapidly increasing fundraising opportunities in this space however, as of 2020, less than 40% of charities leverage basic digital tools, such as digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, etc., for fundraising, despite fundraising remaining the number one concern for most minor charity funds, according to AidCoin.

Yet the trend is rapidly picking up. In their 2021 charitable giving report, Fidelity noted that donations in cryptocurrency more than doubled from 2019 to 2020, opening up more donation opportunities for charities. They raised $28 million in cryptocurrency donations in 2020, more than double the amount raised the previous year. This topped the 2019's crypto tally of $13 million, but pales in comparison to Fidelity Charitable's $30 million in crypto in 2018 and their 2017 record of $69 million, Coindesk notes.

Now is the time to tap into new revenue sources and appeal to a new generation of donors who are endowed with a deep sense of purpose and care for others, the environment and a sustainable world.

The DoinGud Community

The Creators

Creators on DoinGud are musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, digital artists or any socially engaged humans looking to sell their creations while making the world a better place. The creator community is carefully curated to ensure it embodies our vision of interconnecting communities of humans doing good.

The DoinGud platform allows creators to sell their work on their own terms, with the obligation to donate parts of their proceeds to causes they care about, making their engagement accountable in the most visible and transparent way.

The Social Impact Organization

As an organization with a social impact mission, you are an essential participant of the DoinGud community. The cause you serve will be visible to all members and your presence and interaction with artists notably engaged in transforming the world will not go unnoticed. You may benefit from creators' donations and even meet your next influential spokesperson.

Upon selling a piece of art, creators give between 5% and 95% of the proceeds to the social impact organization of their choice. To benefit from a creator's donation, your organization must have a social purpose, and be legally able to receive donations.

The Collector

We have identified three types of collector on DoinGud, all potential buyers of creations:

  • Fans who become part of the DoinGud community as ardent admirers of their beloved artists or who are seeking new ways to support and engage with the creators they follow;
  • Collectors are art aficionados who buy, hold or flip artwork offered by creators;
  • Supporters are people with an artistic taste or other creators interested in supporting a social cause or a fellow artist.

Your DoinGud Journey

To benefit from the generous donations of our creators, your organization must be registered on the DoinGud platform. This is a free membership that will facilitate the selection process and ensure full transaction transparency.

  • Hassle-free onboarding: After vetting your social impact organization status, you will be guided through a painless onboarding process.
  • Transparent transactions: You are immediately notified when a creator selects your organization as the beneficiary of a donation, automatically triggering the money transfer.
  • Community interaction: You have the opportunity to connect with creators and patrons to promote your common cause.

Become part of an exciting and social creator's ecosystem where people make the world a better place.

For Social Impact Organizations

(6 steps):

1. Respond to your invitation from a creator or Request to onboard

Creators of all over the world can request to support your Social Impact Organization (SIO) and grant you an invite or maybe you've heard of us and would like to be supported. Nevertheless you are welcome to our community!

2. Complete your Joining Form (later: Create your account > Set up your profile)

You will be part of the Social Impact Organizations Community where creators select their favourites to support with their creations

3. Prepare your organization's profile materials while we complete KYC

If your social impact organization has already been selected by a DoinGud creator, then we will manage the back office activities to make sure you are set as the recipient organization.

If your organization has arrived on its own steam, then we just need you to give us a bit of time for the KYC activities. We will keep you informed as the process progresses.

(if you don't want to wait, find your creator to represent you!) Or check out our Discord Server, where creators and social impact organizations hang out.

4. Four Ways to Connect with Creators

  1. Your organization may have been directly chosen by a Creator. If so, then there is a match! Once the creation is purchased, you will get funds directed to your wallet/account.
  2. Bring your own Creator: Your organization always has the opportunity to invite into DoinGud Curation Pool the creators that are already in your organization's  network.
  3. Build relationships in the DoinGud Discord Channels and Telegram Groups.
  4. Invite your Donors and Supporters to invite their favourite artists to join. It's a whole new platform for enhancing Donor relationships.

5. Meet people, collaborate and watch the support come in

If you haven't yet set up your crypto wallet, we will create one for you using a cool and simple tool called It's secure and non-custodial, the only thing you need is an email address. According to the payment method the collector has selected, you will be able to request withdrawal of the funds either in crypto to your wallet or in fiat to your account.

If the Creator specified that there are royalties to your social organisation, you will receive funds every time the Creation is sold on secondary market. You will automatically receive this in your wallet. Since the Creation might be sold outside of DoinGud platform, we do not follow up on future sales.

6. Share the impact generated by your organization

What we most care about at DoinGud is the real social impact that is created by connecting Creators and SIOs. So by providing us feedback of the impact of the donation and the connection, you are fulfilling its purpose. From our side we make sure this story is spread in the media and will bring more exposure to your cause.

Onboarding Steps

Below are the steps to participating as an active SIO in the DoinGud ecosystem:

  1. Fill in short application, demonstrating proper charity status and good standing, which our team will review. We will then revert to you with approval for connection with a Creator or any further questions.
  2. Participate while you wait! While we work to connect you with a Creator, c'mon in! Make connections, and fill in profile. This will allow Creators to find you by browsing and through various filtering options such as by SDGs. They will also get the chance to see you in DoinGud-run campaigns on the site, helping each SIO to get visibility.
  3. In the run-up to the release of your Creator's work, you can help create excitement and enthusiasm by directing your own SIO network to DoinGud platform, or introduce new Social organizations to the platform.
  4. Later on, share with us your impact stories that show how contributions you have received and your DoinGud experience.
  5. Don't forget: continue to be connected! You will reach new contributors, build long-lasting connections and be a driving force in how the platform evolves. You are part of the community and its future, so feel free to hang around, forge new connections and get involved!

What Next?

If the things we are working hard to achieve resonate with you, we invite you to learn more and to start your DoinGud journey!

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