Earlier this month we invited you, our GudSouls community, to submit original creative expressions inspired by our manifesto.

For this contest we encouraged all types of interpretations of the manifesto including visual, audio, written, spoken, and even AI assisted artwork. The top 4 submissions as voted on by the community took home USDC prizes!

We were so excited to see the submissions start rolling in!

Congratulations to the winners of our #ManifestGud Creative Contest:

#1 DoinGud Acoustic TV Show Music by @cesalvi
One of the earliest submissions, an acoustic theme song aimed at rallying everyone together to give energy to the world.

#2 ManifestGud 11 by @gioelecerati
This AI assisted artwork was inspired by the following section of our manifesto:
“That's why we've started the DoinGud movement. We are a collective of passionate individuals and communities coming together to make lasting, positive changes for humanity.”

Be sure to check all the artworks in this series!

#3 ~Manifesting~ by @ambs30

A visual representation of the energy when a human manifests love, creativity, joy, gratitude, peace, positive change, transparent change, good deeds

#4 Using Tech for Doing Good by @yolantis

A portrait of a cybernetic woman in a cyber-suit. This image was co-created with Stable Diffusion and Lightroom Classic. A woman using technology for doing good.

Honorable Mentions

We would also like to thank joshdnft, rateeapana, flower, faularf, rajmal, sohobiit, visopardo, humble, doublerealitynfts, dashy1, tgoerke for sharing your expressions with us!

You can check out the rest of the #ManifestGud submissions on this page

And if you haven't yet joined our GudSouls community, we invite you to visit our manifesto page to learn all about DoinGud for the Impact Economy!