H+ Creative has joined forces with DoinGud for the launch of our first collective drop. H+ Creative is a woman-owned visual services studio representing a diverse roster of critically acclaimed international digital artists. The studio specializes in various types of media including 2D, 3D, AR, and NFTs.

For their debut drop on DoinGud, H+ Creative’s visionary founder, Hannah Stouffer, has curated a powerhouse of incredible talent for a collection titled “Utopian Dystopia” — 5 provoking works that both question and envision future realities.

Featured in the collection are works by Blunt Action, Mishko, Postwook, Renderfruit, and Skeeva. These creators are part of H+ Creative's growing lineup of remarkable artists.

Bonus Rewards for Drop Participants

We are beyond excited to be working with H+ Creative as the first drop on our platform and as a token of our thanks to those who support them, we have some extra rewards in store. All users who purchase any NFT from the “Utopian Dystopia” drop will be eligible to receive a DoinGud Genesis Pack when they’re distributed in Q1 of 2022. To learn more about our Launch Rewards & Quests, go here.

Presenting the “Utopian Dystopia” Collection

Blunt Action | NBA STREET 2077

Blunt Action is a New York City - based multimedia production company. The studio specializes in art, programming, animation, game creation, and mathematics. To produce original content, the studio's artists combine elements of science, technology, history, futurism, elemental fantasies, and their creative visions. The artists take inspiration from their travels to Japan, Greece, Italy and other destinations to create pieces that evoke feelings of nostalgia, exploration and culture. The intention is to make the audience feel familiar even as are seeing a new world for the first time. Blunt Action is an outlet to explore creative visual elements that celebrate or distort aspects of one's personal life, whether they are actual or unknowable.

Their NBA Street 2077 piece depicts the “Blunt Action homies relaxing and shooting hoops, taking bets on whether or not the Robot will miss his next shot”.

Mishko: Reality (I find myself questioning it)

Nevan Doyle AKA Mishko has been creating for as long as he can remember. He prides himself on his attention to detail and efficiency and is constantly challenging himself to make each piece stronger than the last.

Mishko made this digital art in photoshop and animated it using a combo of digital and analog techniques. It was during a pivotal period in his life. This piece marks his departure from years of freelancing, giving up, working a job he didn’t like, the rinse & repeat lifestyle. He now understands that we truly do create our own reality. The melting colors and ethereal atmosphere of this work repents his old reality, morphing into something new and beautiful.

“This is an animated remix of the piece that really changed the course of my life. This series quickly caught on and within two years recreations and inspired-by pieces started popping up daily. I was in a pivotal moment in life when I made this artwork as rumination on the power of manifestation and the societal limitations we’ve become accustomed to—a reminder to break free and create your own reality.” — Mishko

POSTWOOK: Til Dawn, 2020

Natasha Chomko AKA Postwook is a Los Angeles-based digital artist who creates otherworldly landscapes by splicing together elements of nature and the cosmos to create ethereal universes found in your dreams. Her work consistently pushes the boundaries of color theory, texture, and depth to bring new ideas to life.

Til Dawn illustrates the cold journey ahead into a moonlit horizon over a surreal scene of the northern lights. This piece lets the viewer immerse themselves into an alternate reality dreamworld where mountains are stacked and colorful, no life is around them for miles, and it's just them and the road. This piece is meant to demonstrate the loneliness we feel often in life to remind us that we are truly all that we have.

“I made this piece to represent the loneliness and capture the depression I felt in 2015 when I had a seemingly tight knit group of friends but never felt more alone in my life. I remember one night in particular when I was trying to fall asleep while the sun was coming up and all I could do was watch the sun poke through the blinds. I was completely alone, and I remember how bone-chilling that truly felt; it was one of the first times I truly felt how dark life could get.” — Postwook

Renderfruit: Mushrooms

Renderfruit was one of the first women pioneering 3D digital art in a unique surrealist style, and currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Driven by inner thoughts and influenced by music, her art can be eerie, eclectic, multi-layered and surrealistic. Her art was exhibited at The Times Square, the Denver Clock Tower and she has a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Moving Images (MoMI).

“The piece is inspired by the fresh, humid forest environment from the Amazonas. She feels the primal, dense smell of blood by receiving a holy bath by many ancestral divinities living among the shadows, in a lonely secret ritual.” — Renderfruit

Skeeva: B.O.R.G. Sisters

Eugene Golovanchuk, also known as Skeeva, began his career as a self-taught Art Director and Digital 3d Artist with a life enveloped in 3D dark-art surrealism, captivating in its cyberpunk flare. "B.O.R.G. Sisters" is a piece from "B.O.R.G." series created by Skeeva in April 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. The whole series was shaped around female characters. Mothers, wives, sisters and daughters living through different feelings and emotions during global pandemic madness

“I'm that type of person who was always trying to find his niche in this crazy evolving world of CGI art. After years and years of exploring and doing thousands of both personal and client work starting in dark fantasy, creating cyberpunk characters or some weird abstract stuff I ended up in digital fashion. And It feels good. Because all of the explorations that I've been doing for years now have a form and shape. Meaning I can drop some old but wild textures or shaders from my "surreal" period on top of the modern street wear hoodie and it works great!”  — Skeeva

Increasing the reach of climate-positive art

H+ Creative’s drop will benefit the Open Earth Foundation, a research and deployment nonprofit, raising funds to develop a global climate accounting system for tracking progress of action targets set in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“What unites our launch creators beyond their incredible talent is their desire to be a beacon of change. We’re seeing a continuous trend where creators feel compelled to support, nurture, and give to others, and the DoinGud approach is to facilitate this. I feel extremely fortunate to be working with our featured drop creators who not only showcase a beautiful variety of different mediums, but are at the forefront of our mission to normalize social impact via creativity,” — Kyle Gordon, Co-founder and Curator at DoinGud

DoinGud’s altruistic ecosystem will be progressively open to everyone. Anyone may list their own NFT creations, collaborate with others seamlessly, and prove their positive social impact on-chain. The creator ecosystem will bring a large audience from the crypto-native and traditional creative worlds together in one place, with the common mission of doing good.

Check the DoinGud homepage on December 20th for details about H+ Creative’s “Utopian Dystopia” Drop. The sale will kick off at 2pm PST, 5pm EST sharp and be a Ranked Open Edition sale type lasting 30min.

About H+ Creative

Named after the philosophical transhumanist movement, which advocates for the augmentation of the human condition through technology, H+ Creative is an artist representation firm and visual services studio, focused on the future of creative media through vibrantly executed imagery.

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Article written by Christian Bright and edited by Kyle Gordon.

Article also published on our medium blog.