It takes a strong community to launch a successful Web3 platform. DoinGud’s diverse community encompasses many of the best and brightest in their fields, from futurists and technologists to creators and curators.

But none of our creative ambitions would be achievable without an equally strong community of angels and organizations contributing financially to the project.

"What makes DoinGud unique is its strong focus on community, the giving economy combined with an excellent product built on Polygon. As India Crypto Relief Fund Founder, I'm committed to make the world a better place, personally and professionally. Blockchain is a natural fit to make traceable and transparent donations. With NFTs gaining traction in the mainstream and the world struggling from the pandemic, I believe this is an opportune time for our industry to help greater causes." - Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon.

Financial Contributors and Angels

DoinGud has fundraised from altruistic financial contributors who share our vision for an accessible, sustainable, decentralized ecosystem where creators, curators, collectors and social causes can change the world for the better.

Our financial backers include notable Web3 VCs such as Hard Yaka, Alameda Research, Kenetic Capital, Genblock Capital, IOSG Ventures, DAO Square, Ellipti, Supernova, and more.

We’ve received angel funding from some of the biggest industry leaders in the Web3 space, like Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, Commons Stack co-founder Griff Green, and Gemini board member Ash Kalb. Our angels also include Typto from MetaCartel Ventures China, Suji Yan and Frank Wang from MaskBook, Jehan Chu from Kenetic, Jordan Ellis from dOrg, and more.

"We love the mission and vision of the project in building a sophisticated NFT platform that helps collectors and creators to give back in a traceable and transparent way. As a former artist and teacher, I want these communities to become sovereign individuals and value humanity." - Typto, MetaCartel Ventures China

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our financial contributors, including every single of the 4000+ unique donors who backed our campaign through Gitcoin Grants Round GR11, for helping us pave the way for a better, more altruistic future.

About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We pride ourselves on accessibility and sustainability, providing next-gen Web3 tools to empower our community to create, curate, collaborate, and connect with one another in the digital space.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey with us.

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Article written by Daniel Kahan, edited by Christian Bright and Adrien Berthou.

Article also published on our medium blog.