Welcome to DoinGud (pronounced Doing Good)!

We are creating the network where creators, communities, curators, collectors, brands and organizations can create human, social and financial capital in all their forms, while at the same time supporting organizations that are taking action for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are a community of entrepreneurs working tirelessly to make a dream come true—create a safe and empowering place for creators to connect with their fans in meaningful ways, interact with each other and the collectors of their artwork, and stream a portion of their sales to social impact organizations.

And there lies the crux of the matter. We believe in a better world.

Where well-being is for everyone;

Where the planet heals from its human-inflicted wounds;

Where we see others as human beings, regardless of sex, color, race, age, social status or religious belief (or lack thereof);

Where we, as humans, all work toward the good of humanity.

And what better way to make strides toward these lofty goals than through the arts? In our view, art is the most beautiful and universal means of expression. It breaks down the barriers of language and social status, and transcends the limits of what's possible. The labor of creators brings joy to our hearts, and for this, we think they deserve to work in a space where they can not only earn a fair living, but also put their creations to the service of humanity.

That is why we created DoinGud—to bring the creator and social impact realms together and help them define the world of tomorrow.

Our dream can come true. And you have a role to play.

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A welcome message from DoinGud's Founder Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru

Manu, DoinGud Founder and Humanist

Yooooo creators, optimists and humanists of the world!👩🏻‍🎤👨🏽‍🎤🧑🏽‍🎤

Welcome all to DoinGud, the future of passion and giving economy.🍀

I’m Manu, a human like you, who has made mistakes like you, born in what people that believe in division and imaginary lines call Venezuela 🇻🇪, and with the energy and motivation for doing good and becoming a better human being.💜

As I'm writing this, it’s 5.48 am here on this side of the world and after a year of working (cough, cough, sorry, I mean creating) my a.. off, together with amazing humans from all over the world, I have finally decided that I can’t write a white paper. (Can you please help me?🤣)


What you are about to read here is probably without the best grammar and might not even make sense to you as I’m not the best writer and I’m not in the best state of my mind. (I haven’t been really able to sleep the last days, well well you got me. It’s not that I sleep much during the weekends when there wasn’t COVID either🤪).

Before I start writing probably what I have been meaning to say for years (I haven’t been able to lol😆), I want to give thanks to (yeah I know that you probably don’t care about this, but I do😛):

The universe or to whatever energy that created what we call earth.🌎

The amazing humans that gave me life and to those that have loved me and supported me and that I call family. (Even if I know that we are all family, aren’t we?😊).

All the individuals and organizations that have been supporting us during this crazy ride of co-creation. (You know who you are, there are way too many that want to do good for the world that it would be impossible to write them all here😁).

Every single human being that has interacted with me directly or indirectly. (I really meant everyone that has ever existed as everything is connected, isn’t it? don’t we all have our foot on the same planet? Yeah, yeah, I know that some people left and came back😂).

And obviously you! for deciding to join us in this never ending learning experience.

Ok, ok, ok.... Let me try now.

Don’t we all know that we are destroying our home?

Don’t we all know that there is this thing that is called climate change?

Don’t we all know that there is so much human suffering?

Don’t we all know that in humanity many have used the technique of divide and conquer?

Don't we all know that the sex, color, religion, social class or whatever bullshit doesn't really matter?

Don’t we all know that the majority of our organizations don’t really work for the benefit of humanity?

Don’t we all know that there was first human and social capital before financial capital?

Don’t we all know that is time for evolution and not revolution?

Don’t we all know that we are all creators?

Don't we all know that we know nothing, and that the perfection that we try to find doesn't really exist in the future but in the present?

You probably answered yes to all of those questions or at least for the big majority (because you are human🤗). So what do we do? It's time for you, me and all to start DoinGud? (Yeah, I know with a U because you are “Unique” and non-fungible😍).

So humans, do we get together and start collaborating and co-creating? If your answers were yes, then let's connect:

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Cover photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash