About DoinGud

1) What is DoinGud and how does it work?

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We strive to be community-owned and curated, ensuring we empower our creators, curators, collectors, and communities to tap into sustainable income streams, creatively engage with their patrons, and create lasting impact for the causes they care about. The future is digital, and we're focused on crafting an ecosystem that's accessible to everyone and helps creators and their communities focus on what's important, creating.

2) What are DoinGud main features?

Our goal is to nurture, build, and empower creators and communities; and we do it with next-gen technology and creator-centric features:

*Keep in mind these will be updated any time we add new features to the platform

  • Collaborate & Automate: Our platform makes collaboration easy by automatically distributing proceeds from primary and secondary market sales to their respective creators, collaborators, and social causes.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: We want to make a positive impact. Our platform infrastructure allows our transactions to have at least 99% lower fees and carbon footprint than the competition, making NFTs more accessible and better for the planet.
  • Community Owned & Curated: We are creating a social space for creators, collectors, and curators to thrive, and empowering and rewarding our community with the tools to be self governed. Invited creators can onboard colleagues, brands and communities can open Galleries to host their members, and anyone can submit their artwork to the Curation Pool to be represented within our network of community-owned galleries.
  • Resilient Storage: Brand image and relationships with your audience are everything, so it's important to make sure your digital goods stand the test of time. We store all our NFT media in a decentralized fashion using resilient storage solutions like IPFS & Arweave. This ensures your creations are around for both good times and long times.
  • Interoperable & Future-Proof: The future can’t be predicted, so it's good to be flexible. Our platform infrastructure will allow for cross-chain provenance and interoperability, meaning your royalty streams will stay intact, transaction history transparent, and you will have the freedom to move your NFTs to a blockchain ecosystem of your choosing.
  • Social Impact & Transparency: A portion of all your sales will go to social causes you care about. You decide how much (a minimum of 5%) and to whom the donation goes to. Users can follow the flow of funds from point of purchase to end destination, and users can publicly display their positive impact on their profile.
  • Socialize, Connect, & Consolidate: Establish, cultivate, and nurture relationships with peers, future collaborators, and your audience using our social media features, rewards and badges, gated content, and engagement tools.

3) Why are these features important?

The NFT space is still very new and the technology in the blockchain space is evolving every day. Because of this, we wanted to give creators tools that made this blossoming technology more accessible, sustainable, and flexible for the long term. With these key items in mind, we focused on implementing the best possible technologies available to create what we think will allow creators to participate in this space mindfully while maintaining long term value for their collectors and fans. As the technology continues to grow and develop, we will adapt and innovate along with it.

4) What are DoinGud's goals?

  • Help Creators Focus on Creating

The NFT and blockchain space are expansive, ever evolving, and complex. DoinGud's goal is to make your NFT journey as simple as possible while giving you next-gen tools to create mindfully with friendly user flows you're already used to. In order for you to focus on creating, we are providing you with tools to collaborate with other artists, publishers, and brands through their galleries or yours!

  • Understand & Visualize Impact

DoinGud makes supporting social causes easy. We maintain transparency and make visible the impact both creator and collector contributions have for social causes. We make it easy for organizations and foundations to be accessible to creators and available to receive funds for their projects.

  • Facilitate a Connection between Creators and Communities

DoinGud wants to create awareness on how creators can support their own community and foster local interaction. DoinGud fosters an emotional connection and aims to do this by asking that Creators select causes they care about. When suggestions are needed, we use the following filters to increase that chance of a meaningful connection:

Nearest Social Causes / Country or Geolocation / Genre Match / SDG Preferences.

Once Creators have chosen their social cause, we invite them to find their own way to interact with them. In order to facilitate this process, we encourage Creators and SIOs to use the #art-and-social-impact channel on our Discord, as well as to connect through other means of communication (social media, email, etc).

  • Inclusion and Diversity

Beyond doing our part to be inclusive of as many different cultures, races, genders, economies, and humans from all over the world, we offer a wide variety of Social Causes of varying size, location, and purpose. It is important to us to be comprised of and designed for a variety of different voices and we are working to make the platform accessible to everyone, from NFT newbies to experts.

5) What causes does DoinGud support?

Our intention at DoinGud is to help see that funds are sent to social impact orgs aligning with each of the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). You can discover more information about each SDG and related projects on the United Nations website


6) Who belongs in the creators community?

Creators on DoinGud are fine artists, musicians, photographers, digital artists, content creators, brands, and communities looking to monetize their digital creations while consistently contributing to positive social impact. Our community includes a wide variety of creators and communities to ensure it embodies our vision of interconnecting humans and stimulating creativity.

7) How to apply?

There are currently no applications for DoinGud. Creators who want to join the platform will either need to receive a Creator Pass during Beta or wait for our full platform launch when we open our creator tools to everyone.

8) What is the process to upload a creation?

Follow the on screen prompts and enter all the necessary details requested. Complete all the required fields, select the appropriate options, and click "Publish" to post your creation to your profile. After publishing your creation, you will have the option to submit it to the curation pool or list it for sale on your profile.

9) How to get a Creator Pass (Early Access)?

Upon our platform's launch, Creator Passes will be issued to our first featured creators, exhibition participants, and by invite only while we prepare for our full-feature platform launch. Our full feature launch will be between 4-6 weeks after our beta launch event and at that time we will be introducing a big campaign to open up Creator Passes and Creator Tools to the masses. Thank you for your patience.

10) How many people can collaborate and split payment on a single NFT?

You may have up to 200 creators or individuals collaborate on a single creation and receive proceeds and royalties automatically based on the percentages specified during the upload process.

11) How do I edit a creation that's been uploaded?

At DoinGud, you are able to edit most details of your creation up until its sale (or first sale in the scenario it's part of an edition). In order to edit an uploaded work, you must remove it from sale first. By removing your creation from sale, you will cancel all existing offers and remove it from the curation pool, so make certain you wish to do so.

12) Can I hide works that have sold previously?

Nope! We believe in full transparency across the DoinGud platform, plus all sold works are forever visible on the blockchain.

13) Can galleries, collectives, brands, communities, or DAOs create profiles on DoinGud?

Anyone can create an account on DoinGud, and in the future we will have special profile types to accommodate users comprised of many users or managers.

14) What is the minting fee?

There are no minting fees for creators on DoinGud.

15) What fees do Creators pay?

Creators pay 0% platform fees and receive up to 95% of their sales after a minimum 5% donation to a social cause of their choosing. Creators who host their work with a gallery can expect to pay a minimum of 2.5% extra depending on the agreed upon proposal terms between themselves and the gallery.


16) What is a Drop?

A Drop is a limited duration sale event of one or many creations from a creator or collective. The DoinGud Gallery and our community of Galleries host drops weekly at a predetermined frequency and time which are announced beforehand. Items can be obtained from drops through a variety of sale mechanics such as open edition, auction, etc. and are often limited in quantity or time available.

17) How to Apply for a Drop?

At DoinGud there are no applications for drops, since creators, galleries, and their communities will be able to host their own by staking our $AMOR token or by submitting creations to the Curation Pool for community galleries to host their own Drops or Exhibitions.

18) What type of drops are available on DoinGud?

The following sale types will be available for drops with more coming in the future:

  • Instant Buy
  • Open Edition
  • Ranked Open Edition
  • Packs
  • English Auction
  • Dutch Auction
  • Ranked Auction
  • Raffle

19) What is an Open Edition?

As opposed to a limited edition, open editions are not limited to a specific number of pieces or units being sold, but rather have a time limitation for the sale of an unlimited amount of units.

20) What is a Ranked Open Edition?

Ranked Open Edition is a DoinGud specific sale mechanic that combines the concept of an Open Edition Sale with an English Auction. At the end of the Drop timer, the edition is forever closed and no new editions will be created.

Phase #1: Collectors can acquire 1 NFT at the minimum bid price within the time limit displayed. Collectors may also bid a higher amount than the minimum purchase price during this phase in order to get a lower edition number.
Phase #2: (Coming Soon)

Note: During the initial sale, editions are limited 1 per wallet, however a user may purchase additional editions from the secondary market after the Drop has concluded.

21) What is the difference between Dutch and English Auctions?

An english auction is what we have in mind as a traditional auction, where collectors unite to bid for one or several sellers' collection, in this case the highest bid wins all after other bidders have had a chance to bid higher.

In a dutch auction, collectors will enter their bids per piece or per unit of what is being sold, without knowing what other bidders are ready to place per piece or per unit of the piece. After all bids have been placed privately, the seller may for example choose to keep the 10 highest bids, the price per piece/per unit of the piece for each of the retained bidders will be aligned with the lowest bid previously accepted by the seller. In practical use, if a collector was ready to pay $100 for 3 pieces of the sellers collection, while the lowest accepted bid was ready to pay $80 for the same amount of pieces, all collectors who's bid were accepted will see their unit price aligned with $80 dollars for 3 pieces or $26.6667 per piece.

22) How are NFTs for a drop minted?

On DoinGud, NFTs are lazy minted in an effort to reduce unnecessary transactions, network congestion, and energy usage. This means they are published to the blockchain only after a purchase or transfer takes place.

23) Can I Drop a collection?

Yes, you will be able to designate a Collection Title if submitting multiple artworks for a drop, or have your work added to a Gallery Designated collection if part of a collective or group drop.

24) Can I change the supply quantity once my NFT is scheduled for a Drop?

Once your NFT is listed for a Drop, you cannot go back and change the supply or quantity.


25) How do I collect NFTs on DoinGud?

You can get started collecting on DoinGud by browsing our Drops, Exhibitions, or Marketplace via the "Explorer" menu link.

26) Where are the NFT's art assets stored?

We store our NFT media files using IPFS & Arweave.

27) How can I report a creation or profile?

On each individual creation page as well as profile pages, click the "…" icon and select "Report" if you believe someone is violating the platform's rules and policies.

Payments, Transactions, & Funds

28) Which currencies are available for buying and selling NFTs on DoinGud?

We currently allow payment via credit card / fiat or US Dollar Coin ($USDC), with the ability to pay with more currencies in the future.

29) How long does the transaction confirmation take?

While most transactions can take a few seconds to clear, in rare cases when the network is congested, it may take up to a few minutes for your transactions to clear.

30) Do collectors have to use crypto to purchase art on the platform?

No, credit card payments (fiat) are also accepted.

31) Can I cancel a pending transaction?

Yes, please check Metamask's or other wallets' transaction cancellation instructions.

32) What happens if my transaction is "dropped" or "failed"?

If your transaction is "dropped" or "failed", it did not successfully go through. Please try making your purchase or bid again if possible.

33) If I'm outbid, when does my bid return to my wallet?

Your bid will return to your wallet immediately. If you are paying by credit card, you are essentially buying cryptocurrency to fund your account. Placing a bid with a credit card will purchase the necessary cryptocurrency for the transaction. Any balance leftover from your bid or purchase will be available in your account for your next transaction.

34) How are revenues shared between creators, collaborators, and social causes on DoinGud?

For all sales, creators have full control over their revenue splits. This includes appropriate collaborator(s), chosen social cause, and royalty percentages.

For Primary Market sales, a minimum of 5% of proceeds go towards a creator's selected social impact organization. DoinGud doesn't charge creators any platform or minting fees. This means creators receive up to 95% of their primary market sales, which they can choose to give more of to their selected social cause or collaborators (if applicable). For Secondary Market sales, the creator's selected social cause receives 2.5% minimum. Creators can also receive a % of secondary market sales as royalties, which they have complete freedom to decide for both themselves and all their collaborators.

35) How soon can we expect funds?

As soon as you've successfully completed your sale you're able to claim your revenue on your creator page. Allow up to 5 mins to receive funds in your associated crypto wallet.

36) How do I receive funds?

After a sale, your portion of the proceeds will be sent to your account wallet. To receive your pending funds, navigate to your account dashboard and if you have any funds "Pending", you'll be able to click the "Claim" button. If you wish to transfer your funds to any other wallet or bank account (fees may apply for fiat transfers and transfer times may vary based on your bank's terms).

37) What are the platform fees?

DoinGud charges collectors a platform fee of 2.5% during checkout.

38) What are the associated fees to paying with credit-card?

There is a 4% minimum fee on all credit card payments through our fiat on-ramp provider.

Wallet & Account

39) Do I need crypto wallet?

You do not need to have an NFT or crypto wallet prior to buying or selling on DoinGud. We can give you one by signing up with an email and you'll automatically have a wallet address assigned to your email login.

40) How do I connect my existing wallet (for all the users)?

When logging in, you have the option to sign in via email or with your existing cryptocurrency wallet. Please select your wallet provider (MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, etc) to sign in and connect.

41) What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a web browser extension that also serves as a cryptocurrency wallet. When the browser extension is enabled, webpages can recognize your wallet address and pull up your account immediately if you have shopped with them before. You can learn more about MetaMask here.

42) What is a DID?

DID is the W3C standard for decentralized identifiers. Its a new type of globally unique identifier (URI) that does not require a centralized registration authority because control of the identifier can be proved using cryptography. By using a DID Profile, users 100% own and control their data not only on the DoinGud platform but across other platforms as well.

Ceramic Network is a decentralized, open source platform for creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data and its using DID standard as part of their protocol.

43) How to connect to Polygon Network? (previously Matic Network)

The easiest way is with using Metamask and you should be prompted to switch to the Polygon Network automatically while using DoinGud. In the event you want to switch networks manually, setting up Polygon Network on Metamask is simple and straight forward. Once configured, you can switch between layer 1 (Ethereum) and layer 2 (Polygon/Matic) anytime by clicking and changing the network option. On your metamask,  select the "Ethereum Mainnet" on the top and choose your own network, in this case, you'll want to navigate to custom RPC and input the network details as follows:

Save and you are connected!


44) What does "flip" mean?

When collectors obtain or buy NFTs and become the owners, they may decide to re-sell them, or "flip" them in the secondary market.

45) Can a piece be resold onto another platform?

A piece can be resold on another platform as long as the platform supports ERC-1155 smart contract. We will do our best to integrate with other platforms. If there is a platform you'd like us to integrate with please contact: [email protected]

46) How can I move my NFT to a cold wallet?

Once you purchase an NFT on our platform, you will have the ability to do with it as you wish. If you choose to withdraw it to a cold wallet, please follow the instructions on your Account Dashboard for Withdrawing an NFT.

47) Do Creators receive Royalties on DoinGud?

Yes they do! When a creator mints their work, they have full control over their own royalties to receive a percentage of future sales, and this applies to their collaborators and selected social cause as well! Creators should be mindful that setting high royalty % can deter collectors from buying their work as it leads to less potential resale value for them. Experimentation is key, but we recommend setting total royalties between 10-20% maximum.

In the future, we are working towards making sure these royalties stay intact across multiple platforms and blockchains.

48) Do social causes receive a portion of secondary market sales as well?

The minimum amount a social cause receives from secondary market sales is 2.5%.

49) Will the reseller have the option to choose their own social impact organization?

No, creators are the only ones able to designate which SIOs the proceeds from their creations go towards.

Social Causes

50) How does a social impact organization receive its contributions?

To receive your funds on DoinGud, a Social Cause may use its existing cryptocurrency wallet or create a new one via email sign up.

51) Do SIOs pay to join DoinGud?

There are no fees to SIOs to join DoinGud.

52) Which types of cryptocurrency does DoinGud allow?

DoinGud currently accepts payment via credit card and US Dollar Coin (USDC). More currencies will be added soon.

53) How does my SIO, nonprofit, charity, or charitable project get started?

Easy! Fill in this short DoinGud Onboarding Application. You will need a few things to hand for the Application:

  1. Official organization name
  2. National registration number, e.g. EIN to demonstrate the 501c3 status.
  3. The SIO's IRS Form 990 for each of the last three years.
  4. The SIO's cryptocurrency wallet "Public Key", which you can copy directly from the SIO's current cryptocurrency wallet.

54) May a nonprofit also be a creator, a collector, or a gallery-owner?

Yes, SIO accounts will have the ability to be a creator, collector, and/or gallery owner on their organization's account.

NFT & Blockchain Info

55) What is an NFT?

NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens. These tokens can be represented as rare digital collectibles, artworks, virtual things, or even tickets to experiences. They mainly exist in the digital space (however some have physical counterparts), and offer unique features for collectors/holders such as price transparency, provenance, and authenticity. By leveraging blockchain technology, the lifespan and full history of an NFT are available on a public ledger, so you can authenticate and verify where your NFT originated and who created it.

56) What are cryptocurrency & blockchain?

Cryptocurrency (also known as "Crypto") is a digital asset designed as a method of transacting or providing particular utility. Crypto ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional tokens, and to verify the transfer of token ownership.

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and oftentimes public digital ledger consisting of records called blocks that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved block cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

57) What is minting?

Minting is when you create a NFT or digital collectible. It's when you set the "rules" of your unique piece, declare that it's yours, and "sign" the contract that links this information to the digital (or physical) art piece. This is platform independent, permanent, and originates from you. It's like uploading an image, text, and information to your favorite social media accounts, however once this data is uploaded to our platform, the information cannot be changed by anybody (not even you!) so make sure it's accurate and correct.

DoinGud provides the parameters for some "rules" that you can designate during your NFT creation process. Some other platforms might have restrictions on these parameters in the event you move your NFT elsewhere or outside their ecosystem.

58) Can the same artwork or NFT be sold on different platforms?

While you can do as you please with your artwork, it is frowned upon to mint the same creations across different platforms as this violates the trust of your collectors. NFTs are like digital art prints, and special because they can be unique and limited edition in nature, even if a physical world version exists. Just like an artist will only release a limited number of fine art prints for an individual artwork and no more after that run, artists are strongly encouraged to follow the same rules or they run the risk of devaluing their artwork and collector/community trust.

59) Are the NFTs on DoinGud bad for the planet or have a high carbon footprint?

Our platform uses Polygon which is an Ethereum compatible L2 solution and is Proof of Stake (PoS) by nature. This means we are not dependent on energy intensive hardware to run our network, which is the main reason blockchains that are Proof of Work (PoW) have high carbon footprints. With a PoS infrastructure such as Polygon, we use up to 99% less energy than other PoW/ETH platforms and are up to 100x more energy efficient.

We are partnered with various social impact organizations promoting a variety of social impact causes, including positive climate impact. We encourage you to find creations or artists supporting these causes. We love our planet, and are actively working in order to find partners that can help us build an increasingly sustainable and environmentally-conscious ecosystem, while helping our creators create consciously.

60) What is the value of my NFT?

The value of your digital collectible should be personal and based on your enjoyment or connection with the piece you're purchasing. It's important to purchase NFTs that you like and enjoy as opposed to speculating on its price or value. You shouldn't buy an NFT with the assumption it will appreciate in value as there are many factors that can affect this speculation. DoinGud unfortunately has no control over the value or price of the NFTs on it's platform, so we encourage all users to buy digital collectibles because they want to and not for speculative purposes.

61) What can I do with my NFT?

While the NFT space is relatively new, there are many existing and emerging ways to enjoy your purchases. Some of these include displaying or viewing them in Metaverse worlds or virtual galleries, displaying on a Digital Frame or Canvas, gifting them to friends and family, or using them as tickets to real world or virtual experiences.

Social Media

How to connect

62) How can I get more involved with the community and get to know more Creators, Social Causes, Collectors, and Curators?

The beauty of our ecosystem is in collaboration and communication, so we encourage you to explore possibilities and opportunities by networking with creators, curators, collectors, social causes, and community members on our Discord.

63) What kind of events is DoinGud having and where can I find them?

Every week we host events ranging from live discussions, podcasts, happy hours, educational workshops, and more! To keep up to date with our events, please follow us on Twitter or Instagram as well as subscribe to our Newsletter. We also regularly post special announcements and updates to our community Discord and Telegram channels.


64) How can I get a role assigned?

React with the appropriate emoji in the #roles channel to get assigned a specific role. After this, you will be granted access to channels designed for you.

65) How do I start a conversation on Discord?

Simply type what you are thinking about and let our community know you better. Try to match your comments with the appropriate channel, there's a place for all types of discussions.

66) Can I have private discussion on Discord?

You sure can. Although we would love to know about the relations built in our server, feel free to reach out to others with your purpose while respecting their privacy. If you are looking for collaborators or want to learn more about a social impact organization, ask permission on our Discord before sending them a private message.

67) I have a question, should I post it in the community channels?

We strongly encourage you to do so. Our community is filled with talented, creative, kind, purposeful, intelligent humans who will probably have an answer for you.