What is DoinGud and how does it work?

DoinGud is a platform exploring the future of digital content, where curated creators of multiple disciplines can connect with their fans and collectors of their digital artwork, and at the same time donate a minimum of 5% of their proceeds to the social impact organisation of their choice.

It is a social platform fully focused on doing good by empowering individuals, creators and organizations to support one another and become self-owned, self-sustained and self-governed.

What are DoinGud's goals?

Help Creators Focus on Creating
The NFT and blockchain space are expansive, ever evolving, and complex. DoinGud's goal is to make your NFT journey as simple as possible while giving you next-gen tools to create mindfully with friendly user flows you're already used to. In order for you to focus on creating, we are providing you with tools to collaborate with other artists, publishers and brands through their galleries or yours!

Understanding & Visualizing Impact
DoinGud makes taking action easy. We maintain transparency and make visible the impact both creator and collector contributions have for SIOs of choice. We make it easy for organizations and foundations to be accessible to creators and available for receiving funds for their projects.

Facilitate a Connection between Creators and Communities
DoinGud wants to create awareness on how creators can support their own community and foster local interaction. DoinGud fosters an emotional connection and aims to do this by asking that Creators select causes they care about. When suggestions are needed, we use the following guidelines to increase that chance of connection:

Suggest the closest SIO / Country / Match Genre / Match SDG preferences.
Once Creators have chosen their organization, we invite them to afind their own way to interact with them. In order to facilitate this process, we encourage Creators and SIOs to use our specially-created Discord server, as well as to connect through other channels such as 1-to-1 Zoom calls and email correspondences.

Inclusion and Diversity
Beyond doing our part to be inclusive of as many different cultures, races, genders, economies, and humans from all over the world, we offer a wide variety of Social Impact Organizations of different sizes, locations and purposes. It is important to us to be comprised of and design for a variety of different voices and we are working to make the platform accessible to everyone, from NFT newbies to experts.

What causes does DoinGud support?

It is the intention of the DoinGud community that the funds from sales on the platform are sent to social impact orgs aligning with each of the United Nation's 17 social development goals (SDG's). You can discover more information about each SDG and related projects on the United Nations website: https://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals.html#:~:text=The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)%2C also known as,all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Payments, funds management and distribution

Do I need crypto wallet?

You must have a cryptocurrency wallet and a stripe wallet to buy and sell in DoinGud. If you want to come in to the galleries and browse, then no wallets are required, just enjoy!

How to connect my wallet?

When logging in, you have the option to sign in via email or connect your existing cryptocurrency wallet. Please select the wallet provider (MetaMask, Trust, Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet etc) to connect.

Which currencies are available for buying and selling NFTs on DoinGud?

We currently allow payment via credit card (USD) or US Dollar Coin (USDC), with the ability to pay with more currencies in the future.

Do collectors have to use crypto to purchase art on the platform?

No, credit card payments (fiat) are also accepted.

How are revenues shared between artists, orgs and DoinGud?

For Primary Market sales, a minimum of 5% of proceeds go towards a creator's selected social impact organization, and DoinGud charges 5% for our platform fees. This gives creators up to 90% of their primary market sale, which they can choose to give more of to their selected SIO if desired. For Secondary Market sales, Doingud charges 2.5% for platform fees and the creator's selected SIO receives 2.5%. Creators also receive a % of secondary market sales for royalties, which can be up to 20% and visible on the NFT artwork page.

How soon can we expect funds?

Cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions are instant, whether users select either our trusted DoinGud wallets or external crypto wallets. The main barrier to receipt of funds is only buyer/seller exchanges and their decision-making process.

How does my SIO receive funds after a creator's sale?

After a sale, your SIO's portion of the proceeds will be sent to your account wallet. Once you have the funds on your wallet, you can decide to transfer them to any other wallet or traditional (fiat) account. Please be aware: depending on your selected providers of wallet, exchange, and fiat account you could incur fees during exchanges and transfers.

How do I find out the tax implications about receiving, holding or converting cryptocurrency?

Please reach out to us at [email protected] since it depends where your organization is based and we are getting together this information as we speak.

For Social Impact Organisations
DoinGud for SIOs
What does DoinGud offer to SIOs?
- The opportunity to flow funds to your organisation
- Gaining exposure to a new set of markets
- Connection with Creators
- A new way to experience funding, connecting you to the world of crypto
- Conferences, events related to cryptoart, DAO, social impact generally, testimonials, etc

What does DoinGud ask from SIOs?
- To create positive social impact ;)
- To provide us with stories and data of both the direct and indirect impact created
- Creator's Relationship to Social Impact Orgs
- What is the relationship between Creators and Social Impact Orgs?

DoinGud is connecting Creators and Social Impact Organizations (SIO's) by allowing creators to decide what causes they wish to support from the moment their work is minted. We've created an automated and transparent flow of funds so everyone on our ecosystem can rest easy knowing exactly where their funds are going. Creators can filter during the minting process by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), geolocation, or pre-existing organization search.

Are social impact organizations always associated with the initial creator?

We want to give opportunities to as many social impact causes as possible. An organizations is selected by the creator and with every NFT they make. If the creator wants to continue to contribute to the same SIO for all their created NFTs, they're able to do so. If a creator wants to connect to a new social impact organization or change causes for each NFT they mint, they have the option to do so during the minting process.

Can SIOs be associated with multiple creators simultaneously?

Yes, Social Impact Organizations are welcome and encouraged to build relationships with multiple creators and launch collaborations and fundraising campaigns as they see fit.

If an SIO has not been selected by a creator, can they still get contributions?

Contributions are connected to the profits made by the sale of a drop, so until a creator has selected the SIO to support it, it will remain pendant.

Getting started as an SIO

Is my social impact organization eligible to be onboarded and receive funds?

There are two basic criteria for an SIO's eligibility:

  1. The Social Impact Organisation must be a legal entity registered with a validation service or certification and be able to receive money.
  2. The Creator may not benefit in any economic manner as a result of their chosen Social Impact Organisation.

Will my SIO have to give any money?

No, this is solely an opportunity with DoinGud for Social Impact Organisations to receive contributions, make lasting connections and be a part of the DoinGud ecosystem.

What are the type of resources that we may need to commit to this?

In essence, all we ask is that Social Impact Organisations have the capacity to receive both Stripe and crypto funds and are willing to share about how contributions were used to create social impact.

Outside of this, Social Impact Organisations can commit as much of their resources, be that time, human, or finances, within our ecosystem as they desire.

It is our hope we have created something that people get excited to be a part of, and so collaboration and engagement within our community is something we hope we see from as many of our Social Impact Organisations as possible!

What is the application process and how long does it take?

Gather the pieces of information before you start the application. Here's what you will need:

  • Your name, and you must be an authorized representative of your social impact organisation (SIO).
  • The registered name of the SIO.
  • The SIO's registration number, exactly as provided by the national governmental authority.
  • For traditional currency donations, your SIO's Stripe Wallet information.
  • For cryptocurrency donations, your SIO's Cryptocurrency Wallet information.
  • Fill in the application. It is 8 questions and should take about 5 minutes.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from DG indicating that we have received your application, and the expected time to approval. If there are any gaps or questions, you will be contacted by a member of the DoinGud team.
  • The authorized person will receive a second email indicating that your SIO is now a member of the DoinGud Community. Just return to this page and start your DoinGud adventure.

Our Social Impact Organization wants to join. How do we apply?

If you are excited to become part of our ecosystem, fill out the typeform here.

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