We are just back from Paris after a week at EthCC [4], the largest Ethereum event in Europe. We rubbed elbows with crypto personalities and la creme de la creme of the blockchain BUIDL community, learned about the latest and greatest in the crypto world and let everyone know about the upcoming launch of the DoinGud platform. Of course, we also stuffed ourselves with croissants. 🥐

DoinGud’s Alejo, Andrew and Manu playing tourists in Paris (left) - Alejo enjoying a French breakfast (right)‌‌

Manu Alzuru, DoinGud Founder, humanist and solar punk, spoke at the ETHEcole (Organized by the Ethereum Magicians) and DAOist Conference satellite events about NFTs, social impact, and accelerating the giving economy with DAOs.

Manu speaks at one of the EthCC side events

Learnings From EthCC

We talked to hundreds of people and attended dozens of presentations and debates during these 6 days in Paris. This year’s edition had the whole community focused on 4 topics: DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and Funding Public Goods.

Just over a year ago, only a few teams were formed as DAOs. Now, it has almost become a standard. “What DAO(s) are you part of?” was the conversation starter. And another difference we saw: most of these DAOs are well funded. Some of them are already self-sustainable oftentimes with much more funds than is actually needed.

EthCC[4] A Brief Video Recap - by DoinGud
👉 Playlist of all our EthCC[4] videos

90% of the teams we chatted with were either working on DeFi and/or NFT projects. Everyone is moving very aggressively, with each project trying to build the next big thing before someone else does. The market may not show this, but innovation is still very strong and new projects keep appearing every day, with groundbreaking ideas on how to build on top of the existing composable NFT and DeFi products.

Even Vitalik spoke about “Funding Public Goods” in his talk and mentioned that if we could have come up with a retroactive funding mechanism in the past years, then EIP1559 may have gone live 2 years ago. With Gitcoin successfully spearheading the funding of open source projects and many DAOs focused on funding social causes and public goods, we may be at an inflection point.

The DoinGud team was surprised with the incredible focus on public goods and the ideas behind creating net positive games that could benefit humanity. The timing of how these narratives are emerging are super aligned with what we have been building since the beginning of this year. The synchronicity with the ecosystem trends could not be better. We are totally hitting the nail on the head with our focus on funding social impact organizations inside and outside of the blockchain industry via the use of NFTs, DeFi and DAOs.

While talking with many attendees at the conference, one thing became very clear: we’re getting traction! We were approached by potential partners and financial contributors who already knew about us, and quite a few individuals even expressed their desire to join our cool team. That’s exciting because we always need more builders and contributors of all kinds to our ecosystem.

Live Broadcasting From EthCC

Our weekly Tokenverse podcast was broadcast live from Paris, with many valuable participants of the conference.

DoinGud team members Anja (lawyer), Adrien (communications), Manu (founder), together with Alejo and Aleix behind the cameras, brought us the hottest news live from the conference.

👉 Playlist of all our EthCC[4] videos

Et Voila!

We forged new relationships, had a ton of fun, and even got to see the final stretch of the Tour de France — a perfect metaphor for where we stand right now at DoinGud, heads down and full speed ahead to deliver the platform. 🚴🏾

We can’t wait to mingle again with the best people in the Ethereum universe BUIDLing our future! Until then, we hope to see you on our Discord.

About DoinGud

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Thank you for being part of this amazing journey with us.

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Article written by Brigitte Fontaine. Edited by Adrien Berthou and Manu Alzuru.

Article also published on our Medium blog.