Creating an accessible NFT ecosystem focused on wide-scale, positive social impact is an ambitious endeavor. That’s why, alongside DoinGud’s dedicated core team, we’ve built a global community of like-minded advisors who share our vision for a better future powered by creativity and altruism.

We’d like to take this opportunity to draw the spotlight on our amazing advisors who are helping us turn our vision for DoinGud into a reality.

“I firmly believe that the community building the DoinGud platform will succeed in their vision of helping catalyze social impact organizations. Given what they’ve accomplished in the past with their previous project “FightPandemics”, I think that if anyone can pull this off it will be them. I’m honored to have been on the sidelines cheering them on, offering some helpful words along the way. But trust me, they do not need this and will succeed in their mission, as they have an army of talented and dedicated individuals on their side collectively making this happen. A truly beautiful community at work. ❤️”
— Jordan Ellis, Founder of dOrg

Our Culture Is The Manifestation Of Leadership

Everyone advising DoinGud is a fellow believer in the power of Web3 as a tool for creating social impact.

Our advisors include pioneers in DAO-building, who are helping to guide us on our path to eventually becoming a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) — like Griff Green, co-founder of open-source Web3 component and tool library Commons Stack, founder of the blockchain-based donation platform Giveth, and community manager of TheDAO, the first DAO ever, and leading the clean up after TheDAO in every way since the Hack; Auryn Macmillan, product manager and DAO lead at Gnosis, and DAO infrastructure lead at Colony; and Jordan Ellis, founder of the dOrg DAO ​​which aims to accelerate the development of blockchain projects — such as Balancer, Boardroom, The Graph — and also a builder at Polywrap and former software engineer at Microsoft.

Slideshow for DoinGud Advisors

We’re also receiving guidance from veteran community and Web3 tool builders, who are assisting us with everything from crowdfunding to cross-chain optimization — like Scott Moore, co-founder of the Web3 community funding and development platform Gitcoin, and a member of PlsrDAO, Seedclub, and many others; and Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder and COO of the Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon Network — and more, who also lead the crypto relief fund in India to which Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin donated around $1B worth of crypto.

A Guiding Hand From Industry Gurus

DoinGud’s advisor community goes beyond just Web3 experience. Our community consists of industry leaders with diverse areas of expertise ranging from DeFi and AI to legal and marketing.

All of our advisors bring their unique experiences to the table, from Dr. Muddy Bhatt, who leads AI development for the ethical Spatial Web protocol Verses; to Jason Ostro, the director, curator, and owner of the contemporary LA-based Gabba Gallery; to Michelle Tsng, of the Governance Research Institute (GRI) which researches how to use emergent technologies to help make organizations more efficient — just to name a few.

Our advisor team also includes entertainment and marketing industry experts such as Wendy Laister, the founder of full-service management company Magus Entertainment with a client roster that has boasted huge music legends like Duran Duran and Aerosmith; Ania Poullain-Majchrzak, a journalist and producer whose credits include Reuters, Vice, and Getty Images; and Andy Carvell, one of the initial game software engineers for Nokia, former senior PM of growth for Soundcloud, and now the co-founder of Phiture, the top mobile growth and consultancy agency serving clients like Deezer, Headspace, and Skyscanner.

“I love how DoinGud is using NFTs in a different way to organize people and connect each other to benefit one world.”
— Michelle Tsng, Governance Research Institute

DoinGud’s diverse, global advisory team is a testament to the power of community and Web3 — when we come together surrounding a common goal, the possibilities of what we can achieve are limitless.

About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We pride ourselves on accessibility and sustainability, providing next-gen Web3 tools to empower our community to create, curate, collaborate, and connect with one another in the digital space.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey with us.

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Article written by Daniel Kahan. Edited by Christian Bright and Manu Alzuru.

Article also published on our medium blog.