0xFest #0x01 NYC

8pm - 9pm: Dinner + Surprise DJ

9pm - 9:30pm: Audiovisual Performance by Ben Heim

9.30pm - 11:15pm: Novodor

11:15pm - 1am: Sir Roscoe

November 3rd 2021 an event presented by 0xFest in WestVillage NYC where NFTs, social impact, music and human innovation come together to create a meaningful evening worth writing home about.

We’re delighted to be joined by Novodor, and Sir Roscoe, plus an audiovisual experience by Ben Heim for the evening's entertainment. DoinGud's very own in-house curator/creator, Kyle Gordon, will be presenting some visual eye candy throughout the evening via his generative visual setup, The Hope Machine.

On display throughout the venue will be a variety of upcoming NFT artwork previews, curated by our friends at ONBD, H+ Creative, and Gabba Gallery. This will be your chance to get a first look at some of the upcoming drops to be debuted on the DoinGud platform upon launch and to learn more about our amazing launch creators.

Dinner will be provided by The Egg Shop, which will please our palates with delicious cuisine from 8pm-9pm. Make sure you arrive on time so you don't miss it!

As an extra surprise for all our attendees, be on the lookout for QR codes in the venue that will make you eligible to receive a free NFT Goodie Bag from some of the evening's creators. More info below.

This evening is brought to you by DoinGud, LD Capital, Lukso, Quantstamp, DFG, FBG Capital, Sportium, Mask Network & Nori.

Our Performance Lineup:

21h00 Ben Heim (Live AV Set)

Ben Heim is an Australian composer, artist, and creative technologist currently based in New York City. His work spans contemporary classical music, film scoring, video art, live immersive experiences, audiovisual installations/performances, and virtual reality. For 0xFest, Ben will be performing a brand new audiovisual show combining generative painting with his music.

21h30 Novodor

Human beings can be anything they want in the internet age, and NOVODOR is ready to be everything he wants. He's a self-described In-Betweener, never fitting into one box, true to his unique self with a layer of depth and thought on all levels.

23h15 Sir Roscoe

Sir. Roscoe, aka Justin Weaver, hails from Pasadena, California. Bringing a San Francisco/NorCal vibe to his music, he produces genres ranging from House to Techno. You can catch him spinning at many major venues in Los Angeles or the hottest underground nightclubs in San Francisco or New York.

Curated Artwork & Drop Previews at 0xFest

ONBD Collective

ONBD will showcase 4 incredible artists from their collective at our venue:

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Una publicación compartida de ONBD (@onbd.art)

Introducing MetaPeople, a new interactive NFT art project created by Shinji Murakami and produced by ONBD.


Kevin Heisner

Kevin masterfully juxtaposes rawness with refinement, creating eclectic gathering spaces. He has lent his design touch to notable venues including The Publican, Violet Hour and Big Star.

Ai Makita

A Tokyo and New York based visual artist. She works mainly on oil painting, printing, and their installation, and has been experimenting with digital and AI-related art.

Oscar Oiwa

Oscar Oiwa was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He has received several awards including Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (2001) and Asian Cultural Council in 2002. In 2019 he received the Medal of Honor from His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Japan.

Davi Russo

Russo is a digital creator who tells stories using photography and cine-essay. A successful film director (Lady Gaga Inside the Outside), Russo has recently made the jump into the Metaverse, creating short video pieces based on his photographs.

H+ Creative

H+ Creative is curating the first drop to be debuted on the DoinGud platform and we're beyond excited to be kicking off our platform launch with them. Hailing from LA, H+ Creative represents some of the top tier talent in the digital arts space, focused on paving the way for the future of creative media. Previewing at 0xFest is a selection of works from their incredible creators, Render Fruit, Skeeva, Postwook, Mishko, and Blunt Action.


Render Fruit

Render Fruit is a digital 3D artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her art was exhibited at The Times Square, the Denver Clock Tower and she has a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Moving Images (MoMI). Driven by inner thoughts and influenced by music, her art can be eerie, eclectic, multi-layered and surrealistic.


Eugene Golovanchuk, also known as Skeeva, began his career as a self-taught Art Director and Digital 3d Artist with a life enveloped in 3D dark-art surrealism, captivating in its cyberpunk flare. He combines a multitude of tools, shapes and colours to cultivate visual delicacies that lead to the invention of his own unique stylistic stamp within the digital art world.


Natasha Chomko AKA POSTWOOK is a Los Angeles-based digital artist who creates otherworldly landscapes by splicing together elements of nature and the cosmos to createethereal universes found in your dreams. Her work consistently pushes the boundaries of color theory, texture, and depth to bring new ideas to life.


Nevan Doyle AKA Mishko has been creating as long as he can remember. He prides himself on his attention to detail and efficiency and is constantly challenging himself to make each piece stronger than the last. "I often take a more collaborative approach, keeping the client in the loop every step of the way. With this, I am able to take the client's vision above and beyond to create something eye catching and inspiring. I am proud to have worked with clients from across the globe.

Blunt Action

Blunt Action is a New York City - based multimedia production company. To produce original content, the studio's artists combine elements of science, technology, history, futurism, elemental fantasies, and their creative visions. The artists take inspiration from their travels to Japan, Greece, Italy and other destinations to create pieces that evoke feelings of nostalgia, exploration and culture. Blunt Action is an outlet to explore creative visual elements that celebrate or distort aspects of one's personal life, whether they are actual or unknowable.

Previews from Upcoming DoinGud Creators:

Be the first to experience upcoming creator drops on DoinGud’s NFT ecosystem.

Lauren YS

LA-based artist Lauren YS’s work focuses on queer worlds, non-binary identities, and their mixed Asian-American heritage.

Allison Bamcat

Bamcat is a painter out of LA. Her use of texture & vivid color seeks to invoke feelings of 90’s nostalgia & intensity in her fine art & murals.


Each creator has a unique talent. Agora is the global talent awards app. In Agora you can upload your creations and participate in contests to win support, visibility and recognition in the international community.

Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine Rogers is an artist and designer who first achieved wide notoriety in the field of modern ‘rock art’, also known as ‘gigposter’ art, as well as serigraph and fine art production.

Chris McCann

Chris McCann is a National Geographic award-winning photographer based in the SF Bay Area. His work sits within the intersection of photography, technology, crypto - and the intersection between the three.


For nearly 20 years, Emek’s unique visual style has graced music posters on a diverse musical spectrum, from Blues legend B.B. King to the Beastie Boys. He has painted album covers for Neil Young and Pearl Jam as well as for many other punk and alternative bands. In December 2007, Billboard named Emek’s work in the top 25 rock posters of all time, garnering 3 spots on the list--more than any single artist.

Jules Muck

Jules Muck began writing graffiti as a teen in Europe and England in the 90s. She produced several large scale murals in Wynwood for Miami’s Art Basel. Muck’s real passion is to paint on things she’s not supposed to paint on and she enjoys painting humping bunnies on RVs and dressing up any manner of vehicle. Muck is also an amateur tattoo artist and has been so for over a decade.

0xFEST NFT Goodie Bag

Be on the lookout for QR codes in the venue to claim your NFT goodie bag containing art from the participating artists. We can’t tell you what it is, but it will be good ;) More info on claiming the Goodie Bags and receiving your free NFTs will be sent to attendees a few weeks after the event.

We look forward to having you join us for an evening of good music, good drinks and good people. See you in New York!

This evening is brought to you by DoinGud, LD Capital, Lukso, Quantstamp, DFG, FBG Capital, Sportium, Mask Network & Nori.

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