We are excited to share the partnership between Gitcoin and DoinGud to enable NFTs with the ability to support the upcoming Gitcoin funding round, GR15!

As a creator, you will now for the first time, be able to support a Gitcoin Grant Round (GR15) with your creations on DoinGud! Yet another way that DoinGud can help you as a creator drive impact with your creations.

Gitcoin will be utilizing our special events feature to showcase their event for GR15. This special events page will show all the NFT creations participating, a short title and description, and how much will go into Gitcoin’s matching pool to support all their projects for grant round 15.

How can you find the GR15 Page?

The fastest route is by heading to our homepage! Scroll down a bit from the top of the page to easily find the special event for Gitcoin.

You can also view the special event by heading to the social cause page for Gitcoin (here). Once you’re there you can see the “Live Events” section of their profile. Clicking the GR15 button will direct you now to the special event page for GR15.

What is included on the GR15 Page?

Some key features to point out include, real-time contributions raised from NFT sales, and real-time view of all creations looking to contribute to GR15.

How does “$ Raised for Gitcoin” work?

When minting your creation, a creator can choose from 5-100% of primary sales and 2.5-30% of royalties that will go to Gitcoin. From what is chosen from a creator, ALL primary and secondary royalties for Gitcoin will be put towards the GR15 matching pool!

As more NFTs associated with the special events page are sold, this number will continue to uptick!

As a creator, how do my NFTs support GR15?

Three requirements and that is all. Let’s dig into them!

  1. Create your DoinGud Account by simply connecting your wallet
  2. When you upload a creation you select Gitcoin as your social cause
  3. Your creation must be put on sale

So remember, by purchasing any of the creations within the GR15 special events page, all primary and secondary proceeds towards Gitcoin will be added to GR15.

Want to see a quick demo? 👇

You can view the Special Events page for GR15 today!

We can’t wait to see the contributions to the Gitcoin Round and the NFTs that are minted and sold to support the projects in GR15. You already want to support the gitcoin round / projects, how about getting an NFT and supporting creators at the same time?

Thank you for reading!

The DoinGud Team