Anyone can do Good with DoinGud!

Since launching our platform in late 2021, we have been in closed beta, fixing bugs and building new features. We've been working hard to get to a point where we can open up the product and invite the whole community to come on board. And today, we're finally ready to open up the doors!

We are pleased to announce that in this release, everyone will be able to mint on DoinGud and get access to our low fee, eco-friendly, next gen minting tool that drives social impact via creation and content.

If you are an existing user without a creator pass, you can celebrate being removed from the waitlist, and begin minting your creations on DoinGud right away.

Better onboarding for first-time users

Now that our platform is in full operation, we want to make sure that new users can easily get started with the service. The new onboarding flow will guide the user through important areas of the product and streamline their initial experience with the service.

But onboarding doesn't end with the signup process. Upon creating your account, you will immediately be brought to the appropriate place to begin and select what SDGs and social causes you care most about. Once this is done, you'll be able to upload creations related to these specific issues.

There is also added a new section on the left-hand side of the profile which only the account-owner will see. This includes a subtle reminder to complete your profile, along with links for adding your social media accounts, so that the DoinGud can find you elsewhere on the internet.

Create a Special Event Page for your Creations

There's now a way to make an event page, which can be used in many different ways. The page can be used to host a contest, highlight specific creations, raise funds for organizations and more.

As a creator to participate you can find Events on our homepage. From there you can discover which events you want to participate in. To participate in a special event you will need to mint creations with certain parameters that meet the special events requirements to be shown!

Requirements could include but are not limited to, minting a creation with a specific SIO and a specific hashtag as an example. These creations then appear on a special page that you can access from the homepage.

Thanks for reading our blog! We're super proud of this update, as it's one of the more ambitious ones we've released.

We're so happy that more people now have the ability to mint their creations, so be sure to register and start uploading your NFTs until every expression of human creativity builds a better world :)

The DoinGud Team