This is your chance to join DoinGud! Because making the world better is a team effort!

Millions of people around the world are raising their voices against the contradictions of trading long-term solutions for temporary measures. Feelings of disempowerment from our future and identity crises are emerging everywhere.

Building a society that thrives on creativity and impact can only be done by inclusive and participatory efforts. It is time for us to combine our creative power to understand and overcome the global challenges we face today.

That's why we've started DoinGud. We believe that the answer to many of the problems in the world lies in the combination of humanity’s two superpowers - creativity and love. This is the Impact Universe, a place where Gud Souls gather to collaborate, coordinate and make the world a better place.

With the Beta launch of our NFT-marketplace in November of 2021 we’ve onboarded more than 60 nonprofit organizations and raised $91,000 in funding for causes across all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals out of approximately $400,000 in transactions. Now as we prepare to launch our DAO and Decentralized Impact protocol, we are inviting organizations, founders, entrepreneurs, social activists, creators, and humans in general that align with our values to join us in the web3 for good movement. We believe many of us are creating different pieces of the puzzle that will help us solve humanity's problems. Let’s collaborate and put our pieces together. <3

The DoinGud Movement

At DoinGud, we are laying the foundation which will let all future non-profit, public goods, and general impact topics to be funded and governed by their own communities. This means that we are going open source, ensuring that we maintain our values of transparency, privacy, and accountability.

The DoinGud DAO will be responsible for governing the protocol, marketplace and other impact tools created (such as Web3 event tools: NFTickets, NFT Moments, NFT Speaker Cards, etc.)

The DoinGud “Gud Souls” Membership Soulbound Tokens

We want to bring together all the Do Guders around the world, no matter their religion, gender,  sexual orientation, color, age, nationality, or ethnicity to be part of the DoinGud tribe. That is why we are initiating the protocol with value-aligned individuals through a Membership program utilizing Soulbound NFTs. Being Soulbound, these memberships are non-transferrable, meaning the holders are true supporters from the beginning; we want to create an authentic membership base that holds the NFTs for genuine support rather than speculators purchasing solely for profit motives and hoping to flip on the secondary market.

What are these Membership NFTs? Let us show you :D

The Impact Universe

The NFTs tell the origin story of the Impact Universe and the Gud Souls who inhabit it. The cosmos is calling out and inviting you into a new era where together we will finally understand our true potential.

As a member of the Impact Universe, you’ll be stepping into a realm of infinite possibilities that is governed by a protocol of creativity and love. Those inhabiting it are dedicated to forever expand their reach until every expression of human creativity builds a better world

DoinGud Gud Souls Membership Tiers

Nucleus - 0.0111 ETH

In the beginning, there was only one.

It was a power that connected us with the greater good. It was the nucleus of all things. It was the core of each being and it was everything.

This power is dormant in most people, but it can be awakened by one simple act: sharing your love.

**NFTs will have sound

Seed - 0.111 ETH

We were once a tiny speck floating through the universe.

We knew we had power—we could feel it—but we didn't know what to do with it.

Now we are starting once more to remember our place in this vast web of life - we are remembering our connection to each other and to everything else around us.

**NFTs will have sound

Heart - 1.11 ETH

We had been drifting through space for so long. Then we found something that changed us forever.

It's hard to describe it, it was like the universe had taken a breath and exhaled, and we were there to inhale it. It was pure love, pure joy—the kind of thing that can only come from the very source of all creation itself.

We began to see things from a different perspective—a perspective broader than we ever imagined possible before.

We were not prepared for what it would mean for us or for the universe as we knew it.

**NFTs will have sound

Angel - 4.2 ETH

At that moment, we were not born, we simply came into being. We were given a purpose: To watch over the universe and ensure that good was always flourishing.

At first, we watched over the stars and planets, traveling from one to another. We delighted in the beauty of life, and rejoiced in its endless possibilities.

We disguised ourselves as humans, hiding our true nature under clothes and masks. And then we went down onto Earth to live among them as ordinary people.

We are the angels of the Impact Universe.

**NFTs will have sound

Membership NFTs: Stacking and Seasons

By owning one of these Gud Souls NFTs, you will get access to the private forum (Discourse), Discord and Telegram channels. The Gud Souls Membership NFTs will provide access for four months or one year. The membership access and expiration is an intentional design decision to ensure all members have continued “skin in the game” to be active participants in the future DAO. Our intention is to curate impact conversation with a safe, warm and active community of thought leaders and impact doers, assuring all those in the conversation channels are truly moving things forward. With this design, we are starting a ritual of engaging new members and streaming funds from the membership sales to the impact communities of the protocol.

Membership Tier Benefits:

Each Gud Soul holder, depending on the tier, will get a bundle of benefits including:

  • Private access to the forum (Discourse), Discord and Telegram as described above.
  • Early beta access to new tools and sales modes: As we launch new tools, features, and sales mechanics in the marketplace, members will have the first access!
  • Partner allowlists: With each new DoinGud DAO partnership, we will look to extend partnership benefits to our Gud Soul holders.
  • Bonus Rewards: As we launch the DoinGud protocol, participants will be rewarded for generating impact, whether creating, collecting, donating, or even curating impact. As a Gud Soul participating in the Impact Protocol, you will amplify your Impact Protocol rewards with the added bonus. The Gud Souls NFT bonus rewards are stackable! That means if you hold multiple Gud Soul NFTs, you will earn a bonus reward for each one. More details on the protocol and the rewards mechanics will be shared in the whitepaper to be released soon.
  • Lifetime Membership Discount: By obtaining a genesis Gud Souls membership NFT, you will receive a lifetime membership discount for all future membership seasons (described further below).

Due to the stackable bonus rewards, we must cap the maximum number of NFTs an individual can obtain at 3 per tier, per wallet. In other words, the maximum one wallet can obtain is 3 of each tier, for a total of 12 Gud Souls NFTs. You can still purchase membership NFTs for other friends and family if you know their wallet at the time of minting :D

See how these various benefits are differentiated between each tier in the following graphic.

Membership Rollout:

The Gud Souls Membership NFTs will be released in two stages:

1. Allowlist: Members of community partners and those who have been active participants in the DoinGud community (collecting and creating NFTs for the marketplace) will be added to an allowlist for private access at a discounted price. You can still join the allowlist by participating in both activities:

1.) Start Smiling (:D,:D) initiative {Here}, AND

2.) Signing the DoinGud Manifesto {Here}

2. Public: The second stage will be open to everyone at the regular price.

During the NFT minting process, you will also be able to select any other community you are involved with! We will publicly recognize the communities that are the biggest supporters on a real-time leaderboard for everyone to see. At the end of the genesis membership sale, the top ten communities will be eligible for further prizes.

Everyone benefits when you represent, and bring along the rest of your community!

Membership Supply:

We want to ensure that everyone that has earned a spot on the allowlist has a chance to get their membership NFTs without any gas wars or limited supply. In the spirit of being inclusive, we also want to make sure the public has a chance to join. That’s why we devised the following supply structure:

  1. We set a minimum total supply available for each tier.
  2. The allowlist supply for each tier is unlimited.
  3. The public supply available will be set at whichever is higher:
  • 2x the quantity purchased during the allowlist sale (see tiers 1 and 4 in the example below). OR,
  • The difference of minimum total supply (step 1) and the amount sold in the allowlist (see tiers 2 and 3 in the example below).

In the table below, you have the minimum supply per tier, as well as an example of how the public supply will be determined based on the quantities sold during the allowlist period.

Any unsold supply from the public sale will be “canceled” (never minted) reducing the supply to the actual number sold.

Membership Proceeds:

Proceeds from the Gud Souls Membership NFT Sales will be used for two main purposes:

  1. First, to fund the establishment of the DoinGud movement.
  2. Second, as is our practice in all we do, a percentage of the funds will be allocated through quadratic voting from the Gud Soul NFT holders, and distributed to partnering impact DAOs and the over 60 non-profits that have already joined the platform. See the table below showing as we reach higher sale proceed levels, a higher percentage will be donated to the Quadratic Funding pool.

*Proceeds for this non-transferable membership sale will be sent from the smart contract to a DoinGud multisig wallet approximately every 10eth to minimize risk of an attack on the contract

Which network will you be able to purchase a membership on?

Will be able to purchase a membership on the Ethereum Network

Join the Web3 for Gud Movement:

The time is now to build the future of decentralized social impact. Will you be part of the initiation? Join us and all of our community partners as well look to build this future together. With love, with AMOR <3.

Immerse yourself in the Gud Souls Impact Universe, confirm your place on the allowlist, and set your reminder for the start of sale from the pre-mint page here.