Are you interested in the DoinGud Membership and contributing to the future of Decentralized Impact? Have you been part of the DoinGud community? Maybe you've collected or created on DoinGud?

Guess what, you're being rewarded with Discounted Allowlist access to our Gud Souls Membership.

This article explains the benefits of being early and showing your support to us and what that means for you during the Membership sale.

The DoinGud Gud Souls Non-Transferable Membership

This is your chance to join DoinGud. Making the world better is a team effort!

We have four tiers in the Gud SoulsMembership sale with each being priced differently with different rewards.

If you'd like the full details of the membership, read our explanation here. We cover the movement, the different memberships available, rewards stacking, membership seasons, the benefits, membership rollout, and more.

Rewarding Participation for the DoinGud Membership Sale

We wanted to be sure that those who have been supporters of DoinGud along our journey are rewarded. We will be rewarding participation by giving special allowlist access with a discount to our Gud Souls Membership!

The more you've participated, the more you can expect to be rewarded. Below we go through the different opportunities. Each of the participation opportunity will provide you with an additional 5% discount at that!

In total, there are 9 participation opportunities that we recognized for rewarding the Discounted Allowlist access to our Gud Souls Membership. Below we cover each opportunity and how you would be eligible for the discount to apply. Keep in mind each opportunity will provide you a 5% stackable discount.

DoinGud OG: You created an account on DoinGud!

Collector: You Collected 2 or more NFTs

Creator: You Created at least 1 NFT

Impact Creator: You have a Creation that sold with >50% to Impact

OG Creator: Your are an early creator before we opened the platform on August 10th

Donator: Your activites collecting or creating have generated at least $20 in donations

ETHBCN Attendee: You held an ETHBCN ticket on your DoinGud account

Engaged Community Member: You hold any of our community POAPs, collected an Abundance NFT, or participated in the Launch Campaign for DoinGud

Additional Stackable Discount;

Gud Soul Allowlist: You participated in the (:D, :D) campaign, and signed the DoinGud Manifesto. This will provide you an additional 11% Discount!

Community Tier Members Discounts
Are you part of communities we’ve partnered with? Then you’ll receive one of the discounts below. Not sure which tier your community is in? Ask in your community Discord!

Tier 3: 15%

Tier 2: 20%

Tier 1: 25%

Impact / Diversity Member: 25%

Buying for a Friend?

During the private sale if you're looking to purchase for a friend, your friend must be on the allowlist; otherwise you will not be able to purchase for that friend.

Is There a Max Discount?

Yes! We will be capping the max discount at 36% for all Gud Souls. Why 36%? We wanted to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to reaching a maximum reward.

Join the Web3 for Gud Movement:

The time is now to build the future of decentralized impact. Will you be part of the initiation? Join us and all of our community partners as we look to build this future together. With love, with AMOR <3. Immerse yourself in the Gud Souls Impact Universe, and set your reminder for the start of sale from the membership page here.