It's summer, which means the dev team should be out in the sun. We need to convince them that they need to take a break and recharge, but they just won't stop building great features! Help us think of a way to get them out of the office.

While you do, let's talk about what's new on DoinGud.

The Impact Tab

Impact Tab

As you know, a minimum of 5% of sales on DoinGud are going to organizations supporting the United Nations 17 SDGs.

The Impact tab gives DoinGud enables all users to see how their profile drives social impact across the world with data.

As more creations are created and sold, the profile will be automatically updated.

This is completely unique to DoinGud and something we are very proud of!

The feature contains four main points: proceeds donated, supported causes, contributions per social topic and contributions per country.

The map will fill up based on what countries an organization is active in. Why don't you try to fill in the whole map?

Offers on Minted Creations

Up until now, users could buy NFTs on our website for a fixed price. This meant, that if you wanted a piece of sought after crypto art from your favorite creator and someone else had a faster trigger-finger, there wasn't a way to put in a higher offer.

With the new update, (1.3.6 to be precise), you can offer another price than what is listed, both higher and lower. If the NFT you are after comes in multiple editions, you can put in a global offer - meaning that anyone with this NFT will be able to accept your offer.

Now, if you're a seller, it would be great to have a place to get an overview of all the offers. This is something, our developers have worked hard to put together as well!

On the offer page, you will be able to see all the offers that are being made. From here, you'll be able to accept or reject offers. You can find these by clicking on the bell icon and clicking "See All".

Creators and collaborators will also get dApp notifications any time you get a accepted, received or global offer.

Now that we've gone through the features... Any ideas on how to get our developers to take vacation yet?

The DoinGud Team